The Escape

At fourteen I was very sad
Said I was broken and beaten and done
Each night I dreamed of an escape
Heard whispers that told me to run

I was tired of living
Of breathing the air that filled my lungs
I was tired of merely surviving
Of my moods that lurched and swung

Sometimes I’d get so angry
At my heart that kept on beating
Without my permission or my knowing
Just drumming, thumping, thudding

Then sometimes I’d get so sad
Walking by the pond alone
I’d read a book and talk to the fishes,
Of whom I’d grown fond

I wished for someone to take me away
To bring me to a place where I could stay
Forever and ever and leave this world behind
This world that has been so unkind

Every day was a dreary grey
An endless nothingness that sucked me away
Every day I am blank and dead
Like the cold rocks in the riverbed

But still I waited
Wished for my own Peter Pan
To take me away
To his magic land

But no one came to fix my broken self
No one came to bring me back to health
At fourteen I was alone and sad
At fourteen I realized I cannot keep on like that

I realized I had to make my own escape
To pave my own way and forge my own fate
In the end you’ve got to be your own hero
Not the observer who only waits

Because no one is going to save you
To take away the pain
Because in the end you’ll realize
Everyone is busy saving t h e m s e l v e s



Credits to the last few lines goes to this picture on Tumblr. [It is not mine] It’s one quote (amongst many) that I live by.

A/N: Also, I have just done major editing my previous post and added brand new parts to it. If you were a previous reader, you might want to check it out again 😉


xx Daily Prompt: By the Skin/Escape



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