We Got the Beat

In all honesty, my friends and I would form the worst band in the world. If not for our lack of ability to play instruments of typical bands, then for our talent in getting distracted halfway though everything. Songs will be incomplete, albums will lack covers, and interviews on our song-writing process would turn into ‘Guess-What-Happened-to-Me-Yesterday’ conversations. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to get one half a CD.

What we ARE good at though, is making stuff up on the spot. We’ll smoke through interviews, improvise lyrics up on the spot. We’ll fly to the Moon and dive into the sea in one album and back. We’re bullshit masters. We’re, THE Bullshit Masters.

Catchphrase: AIYA, just anyhow BULLSHIT LAH!

[Singlish to the Universal language Translation: Just do it.]

Owing to our 1-month stint in professional Bollywood Dance training (thank you, Pavan, of TrueYoga) and our utter distaste for all things mainstream, our band will be a B-Pop girl group: Bollywood-Pop, as opposed to pretty (plastic) K-Pop girls. Check one for originality, oh yeah!

Our stage costumes will be classic belly dancer outfits, with a little twist. Preferably tops that don’t just cover the boobs. We wanna come off as sexy and in control – not slutty or use our tits just to get some cheap (and pervertic) fans. The idea is to show just enough to keep them coming back for more.

Our studio room will probably be filled with big, shiny stuff! They must either be very noisy and annoying or very brigĥt and colourful, to keep our attention inside the studio and thus probably maybe okay never there is a slight chance we’ll keep on task. Our attention span works like a cat’s. Keep us occupied, or you’ll find as snoring under a patch of light.

Music wise, we’ll just keep to dancy, cheerful Bollywood songs! No need to change something that’s already perfect on it’s own! Although none of us can play typical rock band instruments, we’re all classically trained in one way or another. For a Bollywood/India twist, I’ll probably be rocking to the piano while sitting on the floor or something. Better yet, be banging out some really upbeat Bollywood tunes while crooning in a language I do no understand.

The classically instrumented, I-don’t-understand-Hindi-but-I’m-singing-Hindi, sexy and confident, smoking-through-life, overly-hyper non-Indian Bollywood-Pop Girl Group. THE Bullshit Masters.

How’s that for original?



Daily Post: 25/02/14 

It’s 2am in Asia, omg, 



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