Silver Linings — The Cynic

Write about something you consider “ugly” – war, violence, failure, hatred – but try to find beauty, or a sense of hope, in your thoughts.

The furrow of distrust between their brows. The slight lift of one brow, already set to rise before knowing the full story. The impending sneer in the corner of their lips. Your certainty of their response before you even spoke. You wonder why you even bothered. Their loud, indignant protests before you even finish your last sentence. The cocky way in which they say their favourite (and thoroughly overused) phrase, “No, that’s not true!”

These are the actions of the cynic as they once again trump and squash down your opinion.

For me, The Cynic comes in the form of a 158cm, 48kg girl, (that’s 5’2”, 105 pounds, for you Americans) not even 16-years-old and yet, already so pessimistic about the world. Her name’s Jen. She’s one of my close friends. She’s annoys me half-to-death and probably won’t be my close friend any longer.

I would like to say the rest of the cynics that exist in my life are those “complainers” on TV or irrelevant keyboard warriors in obsolete ‘I-Hate-the-Government’ forums, but that would simply be not true. I see cynics everywhere: in school amongst my peers; at home with my parents; on Tumblr where disgruntled teens rant out their frustrations. Yeah, I can understand why there is an increasing number of cynics being born all over the world. But must you be so chronically inclined to oppose everything others say?

To me, cynicism is defined as the almost instinctual need to oppose mainstream schools of thought. Is that what everyone’s thinking? Well then that opinion’s stupid, mine’s so much better. (My basic interpretation of what goes in The Cynic’s brain)

A Cynic, according to, is “a person who shows contempt for accepted standards of honest and morality.” But they don’t just show contempt, do they? They’ve got to be all righteous and boastful about their own opinions as if centuries worth of human history in life, order and everything that made us who we are as humans now have been completely the wrong way to live life and now they are finally here to save us all from ourselves with their brand new way of thinking. Hurrah.

Society has never been perfect. It doesn’t mean we’re doing things wrongly. Neither does it means the Cynical School of Thought is without its flaws too.

Of course, I must admit that cynicism has definitely showcased our innate needs to be different from each other. Humans are individual creatures – we are constantly trying to find ourselves, instead of fitting in to a pack. Our search for “Who We Are” are just one of the things that set us apart from the rest of the creatures with which we share this planet. (And also the fact that we can stand upright)

Cynicism is also the trait that forces us to better ourselves. Without those who question the typical and opinionated enough to suggest new ideas, the 21st Century of Rapid Growth and Development would never have occurred. Hell, the whole of human existence would probably have remained stagnant. We all should go thank the guy who doubted raw meat was the only way to eat and ended up finding fire and going all barbeque instead. As painful as this may be for me to say, Cynics are the original revolutionaries.

And so, in the bad, there is always a good. We would just all have to be a little patient with those annoying Cynics. Even the ones we find in ourselves. Who knows, maybe one day, we’ll question something that would turn out to be for the good of all mankind.

We are all entitled to our own opinion. It just depends on how and why we are raising them. So to all the Cynics out there, I present to you The Gift of Tact. And to those who are friends with or know one or more of them, I present to you The Gift of Patience. May we all try to coexist and find the silver lining in every cloud.

(Kidding I can’t give you those, I need them for myself)

Alright, peaces deuces. (This is not how intended to begin the post-notrem) This is NOT the Daily Prompt, this is the ‘365 Days of Writing Prompts’ that The Editors of had provided at the start of the year. I thought, since my GCE O’s were around the corner, and I needed some practice in my writing for English, this would be a good way of getting opinions that were NOT from my teacher. I hope you guys can leave some constructive comments for me! Thank you so very much.

xx, Aidah


One thought on “Silver Linings — The Cynic

  1. Very well written and a thoughtful presentation. Don’t let the cynics (even the occasional little hecklers in your own head from time to time) discourage you from writing.

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