My Prom Dress is on the Printer

Hands down, bottoms up, my bedroom got the short end of this question. While the home screens of all my devices are neat and app-less, save for my desktop where all the appropriately-named folders surround Max as he swings through the jungle with the “Wild Things”, my bedroom is covered from floor to ceiling with… things.

There are stacks of paper lined in a row against the far wall just below the window. (They’re labelled E Math, A Math, English, etc. respectively) The mini desk boasts a wide-range of office supplies, a stress ball on top of a Pixie Lott album, numerous key-chains, and other odd things. My bed hasn’t been made for weeks. The books are on the shelves but piled in every which way. It’s an organised sort of mess.

I can explain.

I have been out of commission for about two weeks. (Time wise) This is because of the upcoming GCSEs, where every spare minute is spent studying really hard. (Even now; I’m practising my English) Before this starts sounding like a complete teenage-ry excuse, I’d like to put out that I come from a seriously academic-driven country where my Mum will slay my ass if I’m not revising one way or another.

“You can clean your room after your exams.” Shit like that slides here. Added to the fact that I’m: (a) Lazy, and (b) A teenager, not needing to clean my room is kind of great.

The stacks of paper against the wall is also another side effect of me taking the GCSEs. I’m very ‘kiasu’ (A term used colloquially to mean “afraid of losing out”) Which means I feel very insecure when my notes are not easily accessible for fear that out of sight means out of mind. Although, most of the time, I forget about them anyway… But that’s besides the point. The point is that the piles of paper are on the floor for a reason.

Just like how my prom dress being on the printer also has a reason: I’ve just received it in the mail and it’s still in the package and I don’t know what to do with it – Is it safe to take it out of its wrapping?

I think some sort of psychological study can be done on this – How we ‘organise’ our things, especially when faced in important/stressful periods of our lives. Such as the GCSEs are to me, for example. Although my room may seem like a total tragedy to some, I know I can find stationery on the ‘Little Desk of Things’, my phone in the covers of my bed, my hair/face things on the top plank of my standing bookshelf, next to Shakespeare. There is a sort of system. And I’m sure that for your messy room/desktop/home-screen, you have your own system too, which only YOU can navigate.

So I guess, it’s not a bad thing to be a little/a lot messy (or even neat, if you’re the type who is) because its a reflection of who you are. And you should not be ashamed of who are. Take your room or home screen to be a type of self-portrait; the artist does does what he likes – so do what you like.

Daily Prompt (14/10/14): Sweeping Motions


2 thoughts on “My Prom Dress is on the Printer

    • Thank you! For both the compliment and the blessing, it means a lot to me 🙂 And I will, I hope I do alright!

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