My name is Aidah. I’m 15 years old. (I’m a lady, yes). I like to read and write, and I’m obsessively though unconsciously drawn to the colour red and all its shades.  I also have this fettish for Tumblr (I’m an Internet kid, what can you say?) Music taste wise: Anything with a good rhythm and good words, goes.

That’s what I’m always looking for: words.

Words on a page.

Words that send you swimming, spiraling down unopened boxes of emotions.

Words can mend.

Words that bend.

I’m in love with them.

I try to keep up. I may fall or trip or take a wrong turn here and there, but I don’t stop going. I’m done moping around being sorry for myself, and I’m learning how to be my own hero. I’m also in love with tea. A bit stereotypical, yeah, but so what? Everyone’s a bit of a cliche. I’ve got big dreams, but no plans. I’ve got a pot full of hope, but nowhere to put them. I’ve got blank pages and too many scattered thoughts.

I’m all lose ends and no tied up knots.

Yeah, well, so what?


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